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 Brakes are arguably one of the more important components of any vehicle; they keep us from crashing into things we don't want to crash into, in short. However, most drivers know very little about how their brakes work, warning signs to look out for, and how to prevent and take care of any issues with their brakes. Please browse these frequently asked questions about brakes, but remember to consult with a technician at Ed Voyles Acura should you have any hesitations about your vehicle's brake health.

My brakes are squeaking; what should I do?

It's pretty easy to notice when our cars start making noises they weren't making before. If your brakes are suddenly squeaking, don't jump to conclusions right away. Everything from the weather and humidity to recent braking activity and road conditions can cause brakes to squeak. If the squeaking does not go away after a few drives, however, bring your vehicle into our service department for an inspection. A component might just need to be sanded down, or the brakes might require a replacement pad entirely. You can never be certain until it is inspected.

My brakes make a groaning/grinding sound, especially at low speeds; what should I do?

Generally, vehicles with brakes that make grinding sounds during low speed stops are perfectly fine. The noise is likely a result of vibration from the front disc pads. However, you cannot know for sure, so if the noise continues, bring your vehicle in for inspection.

It is becoming harder to stop my car and even apply the brakes; what should I do?

As with most answers, it is hard to know for sure what is going on without an inspection. Your vehicle could just need a small adjustment to the brake system, or it could be showing you signs of total brake failure. When in doubt, call the experts and have us check out your vehicle.

My car squeals when I am not applying the brakes; what should I do?

Typically, your car will make a high-pitched squeal like this to indicate that your brake pads are completely worn and need to be replaced immediately. The noise is a result of "wear indicators" contacting the disc brake rotor, and means you should schedule maintenance as soon as possible.

While our cars can be telling us a lot of different things with the same noises and vibrations, you can never know for sure without actually checking out your vehicle. If you aren't confident enough in investigating these issues, it is imperative that you schedule an inspection with your trusted service technicians at Ed Voyles Acura right away.