Compare the Acura Integra vs Honda Civic – Which is Better for Chamblee, GA Drivers?

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Compare the Acura Integra vs Honda Civic - Which is Better for Chamblee, GA Drivers?

Both the Acura Integra and Honda Civic have seen recent model updates for 2023. Both of these vehicles are great, high-performing sedans, but Ed Voyles Acura hopes to shed some light on their differences and similarities. Check out our comparison below and when you’re ready to decide for yourself, check out the new Integra at Ed Voyles Acura!

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Integra vs Civic: Performance Specs Differences

The Integra is only 7” longer than the Civic, but that extra space really does make a difference. A roomier, more spacious cabin provides a much more comfortable and relaxing driving experience. When it comes to interior specs, such as the engine, both the Acura and the Civic share similar constructions. As a result, the Integra might lag behind the Civic in raw speed, thanks to the extra length, but that is more than made up for by the smooth driving experience offered by the Integra.

Long a focus of all Acura models, the Integra continues a storied history of premium handling and steering capabilities that blow other comparable models out of the water. Available in both automatic and manual versions, the transmission system offers unprecedented touch and control. The manual transmission, in particular, combines excellently with custom driver modes to fully utilize the power of their vehicle in a way the Civic cannot.

Integra Interior vs Civic Interior

Where the Integra truly makes its mark, however, is in the interior. Competitors often try to mimic the grace of an Acura, but they always fail. Beautiful leather accents and stitching complement the faux leather seats wonderfully, giving you an incredibly comfortable cabin. Those are just the standard features for the Integra whereas more streamlined models, such as the Civic, offer those options as a premium feature.

2023 Acura Integra Interior

Acura focuses on integrating technology seamlessly into the look and function of all its vehicles. The Integra is no exception, offering a vivid HD 7” heads-up display, upgradeable to a 9”, that displays all the features of a fully modern infotainment system. You can seamlessly jump from directions to music to climate controls on such a large display. Integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto also comes standard. While the Civic has certainly entered the modern era, its functionality and user experience suffer as a result of the more streamlined nature of the model.

Integra vs Civic: How Do the Exteriors Compare?

Both models have a robust and interesting exterior design, so this is really buyer preference. If you prefer a more elegant, sophisticated look, the Integra may be more up your alley. Starting with the diamond grille, long a staple of Acura, the Integra exudes elegance and refinement. Seamlessly adopting a sporty vibe, the functional air curtains immediately strike the eye on the bumper. On the other hand, the Honda Civic enjoys a more sporty, street-style look that appeals to a different buyer.

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If you’re interested in the 2023 Acura Integra, the best place to learn more is Ed Voyles Acura. In business for many years, we have extensive history with these models and know them front and back. Any questions or concerns you might have can be addressed by our knowledgeable staff. Should you want to experience the Integra for yourself, you can even set up and schedule a test drive online!

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