Five Acura Service Tips from Ed Voyles Acura in Atlanta, GA

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Regularly servicing your Acura is crucial to maintaining the safety, reliability, and longevity of your vehicle. To make sure your Acura car or SUV stays cruising all summer long, there are certain things you will want to check and get serviced.

The luxury vehicle experts at Ed Voyles Acura are here to help. With in-depth knowledge of vehicle care and maintenance, especially going into those hot summer months, we want your Acura performing at its best at all times. Check out our five tips to get your Acura ready for the summer season, and get in touch with us to learn more about keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape.

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#1: Oil Changes for Acura Cars in Atlanta

One of the easiest and most routine services you can do to have the biggest impact on your ride is continually getting an oil change. Missing your oil change can cause serious issues with your Acura’s engine and leave you with bigger repairs that cost more money and time.

Oil is an important lubricant for different parts of the engine, preventing metal-to-metal contact and wear-and-tear under the hood of your car or SUV. This allows the engine to work without being exposed to excess heat and overheating. As you drive your car, the heat from the engine breaks down the oil causing it to be less effective and become dirty with particles and other materials. A lack of oil or dirty oil means there is nothing to grease the engine and absorb the heat from the work your engine, pistons, and other moving parts put in on a regular basis. While the old rule of thumb was that you had to change your oil every 3,000 miles, it is important to never go more than 10,000 miles between getting your oil changed.

#2: Balance and Align your Tires on your Acura

Your tires are the only thing that connects your vehicle with the road, which is why it is so important to take care of them on a regular basis. The two of the most impactful routine tire services are wheel alignment and balancing. You may not realize it, but over time and friction with the road, your wheels lose their balance causing the steering wheel to shake or vibrate and ultimately damaging the tires. For a smooth ride, it is important to have your wheel balanced about every 6 months. Wheel alignment, on the other hand, should be done as needed. Over time, the work your wheels put in cause them to slightly change angles. When you have your wheels aligned on your Acura, the service technician will make sure that the tires are perpendicular to the road and parallel to each other.

#3: Check and Add Fluids to Your Acura

When it comes to your Acura, there are four important fluids that need to be check and possibly topped off before you hit the road to your summer destination. Our experienced technicians will take a look at your transmission fluids, coolant, brake fluids, and power steering fluids. When our technicians look at these, we make sure nothing is leaking and that each fluid isn’t breaking down or running low. Coolant is especially important before taking that summer vacation. This fluid helps keep your car running cool and is important in preventing overheating, especially during these hot summer months.

#4: Inspect your Acura Brakes

With every change of the season, we recommend having a professional inspect your Acura’s brakes. Nothing is more important to both you and other drivers on the road than having brakes that are working properly and safely. If your Acura starts to vibrate, shake, or make any kind of noise when you apply your brakes, it is imperative to get the vehicle’s brakes checked out as soon as possible. Ed Voyles Acura’s trained technicians will check your brake pads and rotors to ensure there are no safety issues and do not need to be replaced. Depending on the shape of your brake system, we can make recommendations and give you a timeline of when your brakes will need to be serviced.

#5: Check Your Wiper Blades

One of the hardest working parts of your car, the harsh environmental elements can wreak havoc on your car’s wiper blades. Over time, blades will become worn, cracked and even misshapen, causing your blades to leave streaks and stop protecting your windshield. Your wiper blades are essential to keeping you safe on the road, so we encourage our drivers to check and replace them if they show signs of wear, tear, and inflexibility. Remember, for a crystal clear view of the road ahead of you, top off your windshield wiper fluid as well!

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Keep your vehicle in tip-top condition and running smoothly and safely with the help from our team of vehicle experts at Ed Voyles Acura in Atlanta. Whether you need routine maintenance or an extensive repair, allow our group of highly trained, expert technicians to assist you. Start out from the comfort of your couch by scheduling a service appointment with our online form. We look forward to keeping your Acura safe and running!

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